OMR Answer Sheet Checker Main Screen Introduction Video

All videos are with English narration so please check that your PC sound is ON.

The OMR answer sheet checker is the first module among the three modules of Addmen's OMR software. This software is the most commonly used module of the OMR software. Used for checking OMR answer sheets tests or MCQ, it not only reads the answers but also processes the data for declaring the results. The answer sheet checker has a fast processing system that can help to read and evaluate thousands of sheets in a short time.

The answer sheet checker is basically made of four steps: define test, set answer key, read sheets and view results. The first step is where you define the test by setting the test title, subjects, number of questions, etc. It is here that you select the layout of the OMR answer sheet. This is followed by setting the answer key. You can do this manually by cutting and pasting the answer sheets from another source. The answer sheets can be imported from a correctly filled answer sheet.

The third step of the answer sheet checker is to read the OMR sheets. The answer sheets are first scanned and then the software reads these sheets. This software is different from the OMR sheet reader software as it does not read OCR, ICR, images, etc. However, the answer sheet checker can process the data. For instance, it checks the answers provided by the students with the answer key and provides the marks as per the marking scheme set by the user.

The last step of the first module is viewing results after the OMR sheets have been checked. The software has the ability to present the results in report formats. These reports are available in the form of mark lists, graphical and performance analysis reports and statistics. These reports can be uploaded on the website or sent to the students via email or even SMS.

The OMR answer sheet checker processes one to three sheets in one second, thus making the answer sheet checking process very quick. This is one of the most sought after modules of Addmen's OMR software.